On Women's Cloud 5 - Nimbus/Moon

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Introducing the On Women's Cloud 5 in Nimbus/Moon – a testament to the harmonious blend of fashion-forward design and environmental consciousness. This sneaker redefines everyday comfort and style, with a significant focus on sustainability. Adopting the core principles that made the Cloud series a favorite among On enthusiasts, this iteration takes a bold step forward by integrating 44% recycled content into its design, ensuring that each step you take is lighter on the planet.

Size & Fit:

  • True to Size: Tailored for a regular fit, the Cloud 5 embraces the contours of the female foot, providing a snug and comfortable experience that's true to size.

Materials & Transparency:

  • Sustainable Sophistication: With about 44% total recycled content, the Cloud 5 combines eco-friendly practices with sleek design, underscoring On's commitment to the planet.
  • Transparent Production: Crafted with care at Dean Shoes in Vietnam, the Cloud 5's production process is an open book, emphasizing transparency and ethical manufacturing.

Innovative Features:

  • Featherlight Feel: Weighing in at just 203g, the women's Cloud 5 offers a lightweight construction that feels almost weightless, enhancing the comfort of every stride.
  • Antimicrobial Mesh Upper: Featuring a breathable antimicrobial mesh with taped reinforcements, this shoe ensures durability while maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your feet.
  • CloudTec® Comfort: Step into unparalleled comfort with CloudTec® cushioning in Zero-Gravity foam, designed for soft landings and dynamic take-offs.
  • Enhanced Speedboard®: The updated Speedboard® transforms your kinetic energy into forward momentum, making every step efficient and powerful.
  • Secure Molded Heel: The Cloud 5's molded heel design ensures a stable and secure fit, moving naturally with your foot for all-day comfort.
  • Eco-Conscious and Comfortable: With its high recycled content, the Cloud 5 stands at the intersection of sustainability and comfort, offering an eco-friendly choice without compromise.
  • Speed Lacing System: Enjoy the convenience of the Cloud’s speed lacing system for a secure fit in an instant, with classic laces included for versatility.

Redefining Everyday Elegance: The On Women's Cloud 5 in Nimbus/Moon is not just a sneaker; it's a statement. A statement of style, comfort, and responsibility towards the environment. Its updated silhouette, equipped with new materials and technological advancements, promises breathability, antimicrobial protection, and a perfect fit, making it the ideal choice for the discerning woman on the go. With a 7mm heel-to-toe drop, it encourages a natural and comfortable posture, enhancing your walking experience.

A Commitment to the Future: Lightweight, stylish, and with a reduced environmental footprint, the Cloud 5 represents a new era of sustainable footwear. Whether you're an existing On fan or looking for a sneaker that aligns with your values, the Cloud 5 in Nimbus/Moon offers a perfect blend of innovation, comfort, and eco-consciousness. Embrace the future of all-day sneakers with the On Women's Cloud 5, re-engineered for a better tomorrow.