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Welcome to Goodr - Where Affordable, Stylish, and Performance Meet!

In 2015, Goodr was born out of a simple yet frustrating problem: running sunglasses were just too darn expensive, too ugly, and overly complicated. The mission was clear: create the ultimate pair of running sunglasses that would be affordable, stylish, and deliver top-notch performance. No B.S., just sunglasses that work – and thus, Goodr was born.

BOOM. Problem solved. You're welcome.

At Goodr, the focus is on providing everyone with high-quality running sunglasses without breaking the bank. The journey began with a commitment to offering the best of all worlds:

  • Affordability: Say goodbye to overpriced eyewear. Enjoy sunglasses that fit your budget without compromising quality.

  • Style: Express your unique style with sunglasses that are as fashionable as they are functional.

  • Performance: Our shades are engineered for peak performance, ensuring they keep up with your pace whether you're on the track, trail, or pavement.

If you're tired of settling for subpar running sunglasses that cost a fortune and don't make you look good, look no further. Goodr is here to revolutionize your running experience.

Join the Goodr community today and run towards a future where affordability, style, and performance come together seamlessly. Your eyes deserve it.