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Blundstone boots and Blundstone shoes are rugged and tough, just like the small Australian island of Tasmania from which they were born. This iconic brand began in 1870 and has grown in popularity over the last 150 years, despite its country’s relative isolation. Blundstone footwear is made for tough topography and is imbued with the adventure-seeking spirit that this country is known for. This legendary brand has created a safe boot that protects your foot—whether that is on the job, while hiking, when adventure roading or when exploring new frontiers. That said, Blundstone boots and Blundstone shoes are just as great while wandering city streets.

Safety is built into each and every Blundstone footwear product. Blundstone boots provide the best protection to your feet to prevent penetration and impact. Each Blundstone work boot and shoe is designed to resist chemicals, heat, electrical hazards, cuts and other work hazards that one might encounter. This makes them a fantastic choice for heavy-duty job needs, such as construction, field work and more. Did we mention comfort? Blundstone boots employ the latest comfort technology that provide you with high-quality comfort and shock absorption. Enjoy these beautiful yet functional leather boots, which provide you with long-lasting wear, protection and beauty that you can count on—day after day.

Order your favorite Blundstone boots and shoes for the entire family at We offer styles for men & women-all made with the same high-quality materials and attention to detail that began over 150 years ago. Shop work shoes, Chelsea boots and the Blundstone Original Tasmania, Australia boot that started it all.