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Born out of a need, BILLY Footwear™ was founded on the basis of empowering independence and the principle of inclusion.

Embracing the concept of universal design in their innovative FlipTop™ technology, BILLY Footwear has revolutionized how shoes are put on and taken off. By incorporating a zipper that goes along the side of the shoe and around the toe, the upper of each shoe opens and folds over completely. The design allows for unobstructed foot placement onto the shoe footbed. Then with a flip and a zip, the shoe securely closes.

Yes, BILLY Footwear shoes have adaptive characteristics, but they are hardly "adaptive" in the traditional sense of the word. "Adaptive" refers to a niche market. And although the shoes can satisfy the adaptive market they are not constrained by it. BILLY Footwear removes the wall between adaptive and non-adaptive. Why? Because all people are created equal. And by design, the BILLY Footwear brand and shoes embody that belief.

Each of us has a story. And symbolically your BILLY Footwear shoes are like a book. Every time you open them you are starting a new chapter, and when you pull the zippers closed you are saying "Yes!" to whatever adventures lie ahead.

It is time to add to your story. Opportunity and success awaits. With BILLY Footwear, go forth and do great things. Flip! Zip! Go!™