On Men's Cloud X 3 - Ice/Eclipse

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Introducing the On Men's Cloud X 3 Training Shoes in the captivating Ice/Eclipse colorway, setting a new standard in versatile and high-performance footwear. These training shoes are meticulously crafted to be ultralight, highly reactive, and offer an impeccable fit and breathability.

Size & Fit: The Cloud X 3 boasts a regular fit that aligns seamlessly with true sizing, ensuring a comfortable and precise fit for your training sessions.

Materials & Transparency: Proudly manufactured by Hongfu and Zucca in Vietnam, these training shoes are designed with sustainability in mind, featuring approximately 35% recycled content.

Cushioning: With a focus on providing a fast and responsive training experience, the Cloud X 3 offers low-level cushioning. This design reduces impact, making these shoes perfect for agility and speed.

Lacing Options: Opt for the star lacing system, which not only provides an ultralight and secure fit but also ensures stability and support during your workouts.

Heel to Toe Drop: Featuring an 8mm heel-to-toe drop, the Cloud X 3 accommodates various training styles and foot strike patterns, giving you the versatility you need.

Key Features:

  • Remarkably lightweight at just 243g, allowing for agile and rapid movements.
  • The 3-layer mesh upper is engineered to deliver exceptional breathability and robust support.
  • A wider platform enhances stability, support, and confidence, making these shoes ideal for your training sessions.
  • With Speedboard® technology, these shoes offer explosive take-offs in every direction.
  • Embrace an eco-friendly and high-performance design, featuring 35-40% total recycled materials.
  • The molded heel cap provides additional support and confidence during your workouts.

Ultralight and Reactive: The Cloud X 3 takes your training experience to new heights with its ultralight and reactive design. These shoes empower you to react swiftly, respond effectively, and excel in every workout and run.

Eco-Friendly and Performance-Driven: On is committed to enhancing your performance while minimizing our environmental impact. Our re-engineered 3-layer mesh upper consists of 90-95% recycled content, offering optimized breathability, confidence-boosting support, and exceptional durability.

Made for Everything: Born from our expertise in running, the Cloud X 3 is versatile enough to handle a wide range of fitness activities, from squats and lunges to intervals and burpees. The improved fit, star lacing, 3-layer mesh, CloudTec®, and Speedboard® technologies combine to support and empower your every move.

Join us in igniting the human spirit through movement. Inspired by athletes and powered by Swiss engineering, On is here to help you dream big and achieve your fitness goals. Upgrade your training experience today with the On Men's Cloud X 3 Training Shoes in Ice/Eclipse.