Kizik Milan - Tidepool

Hands Free Style
By Kizik
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The Kizik Milan in Tidepool is a unisex sneaker that brings the essence of the ocean to your footwear collection with its beautiful blue hue. This shoe is your ultimate destination footwear, perfectly blending an on-trend, sleek retro look with the comfort needed to wear all day, anywhere in the world—or in life. It's not just a shoe; it's a statement of style and practicality, designed to keep pace with your adventurous spirit.

Step into Freedom with Hands-Free Technology:

  • HandsFree Labs® Technology: The Milan in Tidepool incorporates the innovative HandsFree Labs® technology, featuring an internal cage that ensures a spring-back heel. This design allows for a comfortable fit that stays in place all day, enabling you to step in and go without bending down, stomping, or tying.

A Fusion of Timeless Style and Comfort:

  • Nylon Upper: The Milan's retro appeal begins with its tightly woven nylon upper in the captivating Tidepool blue, accented with touches of authentic suede and a leather side dart. Beneath this stylish exterior lies foam padding that not only cushions but also provides a quilted finish for ultimate comfort.

Unparalleled Cushioning:

  • Rabbit Foam® Midsole: Walk on air with the Milan's Rabbit Foam® midsole, offering lightweight, responsive cushioning that makes every step feel like floating. The angled, unfinished edge of the midsole adds a vintage charm to the shoe's overall aesthetic.

Grip and Durability Combined:

  • Full-Abrasion Rubber Outsole: Designed to make an impression, the Milan's full-abrasion rubber outsole extends from toe to heel, providing unparalleled traction with every step. The distinctive sawtooth pattern not only adds an extra bite to your stride but also leaves a lasting impression.

Why Choose the Milan Tidepool?

For those seeking a blend of vintage charm, modern comfort, and innovative functionality, the Milan in Tidepool is an impeccable choice. Its beautiful blue color captures the tranquility and depth of the sea, bringing a wave of freshness to your style. Whether exploring urban landscapes or embarking on global adventures, the Milan Tidepool is designed to accompany you with ease, comfort, and a splash of style.

Dive into the retro elegance and contemporary comfort of the Kizik Milan - Tidepool, and let your footwear be a reflection of your adventurous and stylish spirit. With the Milan Tidepool, every step is a journey towards embracing the world with confidence and ease.