KAVU Moonwalk Crew Socks - Oh Deer

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Jump into the KAVU Moonwalk Crew Socks and hop into a world of comfort! These stylish and cozy socks feature an oh deer pattern that will have you looking sharp and stepping lightly. Get ready to take a great leap into fashion and comfort!

Everybody wears socks, unless you don't - but you get it... socks are a thing. Our socks are different. They are funky, fresh and FUNctional. The Moonwalk socks are constructed of 69% wool, 30% nylon, 1% spandex. Nothin' like putting on a pair of party socks. Your feet deserve to be part of the KAVU party too.

Mid crew sock with jacquard design. Your toes will thank you. Your feet will be joyous. People will smile and then you will smile. Walk proud.

Yarn: 69% wool, 30% nylon, 1% spandex.

One size fits most: (Mens size 7.5 - 11.5, Womens size 8.5 - 12.5).