Kizik Wasatch - Blackout

Hands Free Style
By Kizik
$ 149.00
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Step into freedom and explore with confidence in the Kizik Wasatch - Blackout, the go-to sneaker for adventurers who appreciate comfort, convenience, and durability. Whether you're strolling through the city or trekking along trails, the Wasatch is designed to support your feet every step of the way, without wear, tear, or a single drop of water putting a damper on your day.

Key Features:

  • HandsFree Labs® Technology: Experience the magic of stepping into your shoes hands-free, thanks to Kizik's innovative heel-cradling tech. Slide in with ease, and your heel will lock in place with no need to tie or untie those laces.
  • Lined, Reinforced Upper: The Wasatch boasts a strong, scuff-proof reinforced upper, lined for comfort and resistant to water. Sidewalks or mountain sides–it doesn't matter. Your feet stay dry, secure, and snug.
  • Removable & Washable Insoles: Dirty trails can't dirty your style. With removable and washable insoles, keep your sneakers fresh and clean after each adventurous wear.
  • Rabbit Foam® Midsole: Soft and springy, our exclusive Rabbit Foam® midsole provides unparalleled comfort that keeps up with your every step, providing both cushion and durability.
  • Lug Sole for Superior Traction: With a rugged rubber outsole featuring deep grooves and staggered lugs, maintain your grip in all directions. Never miss a turn, jump, or sprint, knowing that your sneakers are ready for it all.

The Kizik Wasatch isn't just a shoe; it's your steadfast companion for every outdoor escape. From the first light of dawn to the setting sun, revel in the endless comfort and capability that only Kizik can provide. Ready to venture with versatility?

Unleash your boundless spirit and seize every pathway with Kizik Wasatch. Step in, step up, step out—and make the world your playground.