Aetrex Women's L2300W Premium Memory Foam Orthotics

By Aetrex
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Experience unparalleled comfort and support with the Aetrex Women's Premium Memory Foam Orthotics, designed to transform your everyday footwear into a haven of comfort. These orthotics boast an impressive 43% more memory foam in the forefoot than any other orthotic in our range, ensuring superior cushioning where you need it most. Featuring our signature Aetrex Arch Support, these orthotics are engineered to biomechanically align your body, helping to prevent common foot pain such as Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Pain, and Metatarsalgia.

Key Details:

  • Maximum Memory Foam: Enjoy the most memory foam of any orthotic we offer, providing unmatched cushioning and comfort for the forefoot.
  • Top Cover Material: The CopperGuard® antimicrobial lining paired with a soft microfiber offers a comfortable, odor-resistant environment for your feet.
  • Center Cushioning: The lQl50™ Memory Foam delivers exceptional cushioning, adapting to the contours of your foot for a personalized fit and feel.
  • Performance Base: Constructed from Aerocell™ polyurethane, these orthotics feature a high energy return for efficient shock absorption and shape retention.
  • Insole Thickness: With a .25" overall thickness and enhanced memory foam in the forefoot, these orthotics provide the perfect balance of comfort and support.
  • Versatility: Recommended for walkers, nurses, doctors, teachers, chefs, and anyone frequently on their feet, these orthotics are ideal for everyday casual shoes.
  • Product SKU: L2300W

Advanced Features:

  • Cupped Heel Design: Offers additional cushioning and stabilization for the back of the foot, enabling you to stay active and comfortable all day.
  • IQ Memory Foam: The slow recovery IQ150™ memory foam layer molds to your foot, relieving pressure and enhancing cushioning for a superior walking experience.
  • High-Performance Polyurethane: This energy-returning base aids in shock absorption and ensures the orthotic maintains its shape over time.

Upgrade your shoe game with the Aetrex Women's Premium Memory Foam Orthotics and step into a world of comfort and alignment designed to keep you moving comfortably throughout your day.