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Introducing the On Cloudmonster - a shoe that's as bold as it sounds. Featuring our biggest CloudTec® ever, this shoe offers massive cushioning and maximum energy for an unparalleled running experience. Get ready for a monster of a ride on the road.

Big Clouds for Big Rebound: Running has never felt like this before. With our biggest Cloud elements ever, the Cloudmonster delivers an ultra-soft landing and maximum rebound. The result? Incredible energy return that will leave you amazed. It's like running on clouds, but with the volume turned all the way up.

Wild for the Ride: The Cloudmonster isn't just a shoe; it's a sensation. It combines a bold rocker shape, light and durable materials, and temperature resistance to provide a running experience that's pretty much irresistible. The easy step-in design ensures you're ready to hit the road in no time. Plus, the soft sockliner and upper are crafted from recycled materials, turning sustainability into next-gen comfort.

Weird for a Reason: The Cloudmonster is different, and that's its charm. It's designed to offer the ultimate CloudTec® experience, propelling you forward with every stride. Whether you're tackling an easy 5K or pushing yourself in a big-effort 20K run, this shoe is up for the challenge. It's a playfully weird ride that's serious about delivering exceptional performance.

Key Features of the Cloudmonster:

  • Big CloudTec® elements for massive cushioning and energy return.
  • Powerful Speedboard® for huge forward momentum.
  • Soft landings with Helion™ superfoam.
  • Lightweight, durable, and temperature-resistant design.
  • Sustainability meets next-gen comfort.

So, lace up your On Cloudmonster and prepare for a running experience like no other. Embrace the big clouds, big rebound, and bold design that make this shoe a monster on the road. Whether you're out for a leisurely jog or a high-intensity run, the Cloudmonster is your ultimate companion for the journey. Run wild, run weird, and run with maximum energy.