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XTRATUF® boots and footwear have become synonymous with the toughness of the Alaskan wilderness. Their Legacy boots have been dubbed the "Alaskan Sneaker" and have been performance tested and proven across the toughest stretches of water, from the Misty Fjords to Kodiak, from the Bering Sea to Harrison Bay.

Now an Alaskan icon, the Legacy Boot is 100% waterproof, flexible, and durable to keep you dry, stable, and always working comfortably. Featuring a non-marking, slip-resistant chevron outsole, they’re as reliable and tough as it gets. In fact, they’re part of what it means to be an Alaskan.

XTRATUF Deck Boots have been crafted specifically for sport and recreational fishermen. Anglers are athletes and they need proper footwear to help them perform at their best. These fishing boots have lightweight silhouettes with the same XTRATUF non-marking, slip-resistant chevron outsole as the iconic Legacy boot.

XTRATUF boots and footwear have become the badge of ultimate preparedness for the individuals of Alaska – the people who arrive as lone wolves and become part of a pack. The XTRATUF boots they wear prove a reliable partner through thick and thin, keeping generations safe, dry, and moving forward one sure step at a time.