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Topo Athletic's high cushioning athletic shoes are designed for maximum comfort and protection, featuring a stack height of 25mm and above. The stack height measurement represents the combined thickness of the midsole and outsole materials under your foot, and in this range, you'll find shoes that prioritize cushioning to a significant degree.

With a stack height of 25mm and above, these shoes offer generous cushioning to absorb impact forces effectively. This makes them particularly well-suited for activities that involve extended periods of running, walking, or standing, as well as for those seeking extra comfort during their athletic pursuits.

Topo Athletic's high cushioning shoes are engineered to provide exceptional shock absorption, reducing the strain on your joints and muscles. They are perfect for long-distance running, ultra-marathons, and activities where underfoot comfort is paramount. These shoes allow you to focus on your performance without worrying about the impact on your feet and legs.

Whether you're an endurance athlete or simply looking for the ultimate in cushioned comfort, Topo Athletic's high cushioning athletic shoes with a stack height of 25mm and above are designed to provide the support and protection you need for your most demanding activities. Discover the difference and experience a new level of comfort in your athletic footwear.