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Introducing the On Cloudvista trail running shoes – your ultimate companion for conquering the trails with style and comfort. Designed to redefine your trail running experience, the Cloudvista is a lightweight and versatile masterpiece, unlocking the true potential of every trail enthusiast.

Unmatched Comfort: Step into a world of cushioned comfort like never before. Cloudvista incorporates Helion™ superfoam technology, ensuring each stride is cushioned with the perfect blend of support and softness. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to effortless agility.

Versatile Performance: No trail is too challenging for the Cloudvista. With CloudTec® technology, these shoes offer versatile performance and agility that adapts to any terrain. Whether you're tackling forest flats, conquering lakeside loops, or navigating hard-packed trails, Cloudvista is your trusted partner.

Eco-Conscious Design: Cloudvista doesn't just excel in performance; it also embraces sustainability. With over 70% recycled polyester content, these shoes are eco-friendly without compromising style or functionality. Plus, they feature a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment, so you can confidently take on wet conditions.

Grip Like Never Before: The Cloudvista's closed outsole is equipped with Missiongrip™ traction, providing unbeatable grip on various surfaces. Whether you're ascending steep inclines or descending rocky trails, these shoes will keep you sure-footed.

Effortless Style: Not only are Cloudvista shoes packed with trail-ready technology, but they also boast a sleek and stylish design. The perforated tongue and TPU mudguard add a touch of tech-savvy flair that extends beyond the trails.

Swiss-Engineered Excellence: Crafted with Swiss precision, the Cloudvista is engineered for soft rides, no matter the terrain. Its 9mm heel-to-toe drop ensures a natural rolling sensation, making each step feel like a breeze.

Lightweight Wonder: Weighing in at only 280g, the Cloudvista is one of the lightest shoes in our trail collection. Experience comfort-focused agility and wear shoes that make you feel like you're flying on the trails.

Embrace the Trail: Change the way you see trail running. The Cloudvista is not just a shoe; it's an invitation to embrace the trail, connect with nature, and revel in the thrill of the outdoors. From short sprints to middle-distance adventures, Cloudvista is your key to unlocking the full potential of trail running.

So, lace up your Cloudvista trail running shoes and embark on a journey of comfort, performance, and eco-conscious style. Elevate your trail running experience and discover the joy of running in nature like never before. Welcome to the world of On Cloudvista – where every trail is an opportunity waiting to be seized.