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Introducing the On Cloudrift - a shoe that's not just about running, but about embracing a slower approach to life. It's designed for those who appreciate the simple joys of a leisurely stroll, easy movement, and soft landings. The Cloudrift is your perfect companion for city strolls and on-the-go lifestyles.

Go For a Walk: Step into a world of soft landings and effortless rolling with the Cloudrift. Customized with a 2/3 Speedboard®, it's tailor-made for leisurely city strolls and a more relaxed pace of life. We've reduced the CloudTec® around the forefoot while adding extra cushioning under your heels, ensuring each step feels like a gentle embrace.

Breathe: Enjoy your day in utmost comfort with a light, breathable mesh upper crafted from our latest performance running materials. The Cloudrift is a shoe that not only catches your eye but also offers a supremely comfortable experience. It's a shoe that's easy to forget you're wearing, allowing you to focus on the world around you.

Slow Down: The Cloudrift embodies an everyday philosophy - a reminder to slow down, appreciate the world around you, and savor the simple moments in life. It's not just a shoe; it's an essential companion for those who value the journey as much as the destination.

Key Features of the Cloudrift:

  • Custom 2/3 Speedboard® for soft landings and easy movement.
  • Sleek silhouette and versatile colorways.
  • Enhanced traction pattern for extra grip.
  • Mesh upper for supreme climate control and breathability.
  • Extra CloudTec® heel for easy standing and soft landings.

So, take a step towards a slower pace of life with the On Cloudrift. Whether you're exploring the city or savoring the beauty of nature, these shoes remind you to appreciate the journey. Embrace the comfort, style, and philosophy of the Cloudrift, and savor every step along the way.